This morning being as cold as it is and with snow on the way the farrier came out to do all 4 of my horses. I think my horses knew some COLD weather was coming because they were FRISKY! Kahlua went while i worked with Valero.

    Valero has gotten kind of out of shape as winter has gone on but I expected that because i am so busy during winter. I started out our lesson with lunging. You could tell Lero was feeling good because when i asked him to trot he threw his head, but i snapped the lead and he came back to earth. We basically just did a big review so Lero doesn't forget what he learned last summer and we can continue this summer! (Can you believe i will be working on sitting on Lero this summer!)

    After Cordero went it was Valero's turn. I had butterflies in my stomach because the last farrier visit did not go well at all(Our farrier's hand got sliced open because Valero yanked his foot away)Valero was not bad but he wasn't good...(definately better than last time!)Valentine went then it was time for de-worming. Valero got his first big boy de-wormer today! Of course he tried to eat it but I got it in.

    On another note I have decided not to do the training job i was offered...I didn't get a chance to evaluate the horses, but i was told by our farrier,"Very nice people but their horses are crazy." He is a very honest person and had the chance to trim their horse's hooves. Turns out the Clydesdale broke his hand after the horse yanked his foot away and then kicked out at LeRoy. So that's the latest update.


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