I went out to the horses around 6 with my mom to play with the horses!!! Finally since the EMM I got a chance to actually do something with them! By the end of Kahlua's lesson she was side passing without the rail, (keep in mind this was the first time i even mentioned the idea of side passing to Lua! But i am not surprised she picked it up quickly because she is a smart horse!) Lunging with good transitions from walk to trot(I didn't do anything more because i wanted to get walk 2 trot good), and doing showmanship like Lero by just responding to  my body language! I have to work on reteaching Kahlua like Valero because i am just going to get myself confused! Kahlua is responding tremendously to this change! She's a star!! It was raining on and off and I didn't wanna go in( it was just trickling).I got Valero and we worked on the basic stuff. Apparently i need to work on keeping Lero out of my space again because he was not side passing very well moving away to left. Anyways i was having a great time until lightning and then thunder came. Just as we got in it started POURING DOWN RAIN!! But i was glad i got out there to work with my babies!!  :D


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