Day 26



Valero had most of the day off today due to my late start in the morning and lunch with dad.So when i got the time to play with him i took full advantage of it!I got Lua out, and saddled her up while my mom played with Lero.We decided since Kahlua and Valero's meeting didn't go so well that i would ride Kahlua around Valero while he was lunging with my mom.It went well!I taught kahlua she could only rest when i let her stand by Valero.After this i put the saddle on Valero and used our "dummy legs"(Idea courtesy of Karen)He had a bucking bronco moment(for about 10 seconds)once i got him trotting...but after that he was a gem!!!!Poor Valero is such an outcast with the new herd!!(I put Val in with Lero and Cord.It went very well)They both are grazing together and Lero is far away grazing by his self. :(  And at feeding time Lero decided to go up and try to share hay with Cord and Val but Valentine wouldn't have any of that she shooed him away!But it was not a very violent shoo like Kahlua.So now Lua is by herself in the paddock while the other three are in the pasture.I hope this will help her not be mean to him!
A good meeting!


dona brown
07/07/2010 08:21

Jessi, you are doing such a wonderful job with your first EMM horse. What a beautiful horse!!!!! The picture running with the saddle on is awesome. You go girl!!! You are making the MMBSC so proud to have you as a member!!! Dona

07/07/2010 10:52

You go girl....I am so proud of you! I love ya!

Karen and Tripp
07/07/2010 21:36

Hey there girlie! It might be my imagination, but it seems like Valero has grown! He looks great under saddle. You two are rockin' and a rollin'! I am the same way you are when someone isn't accepted to the herd. :-( They will work it out...but it is hard to watch. You are doing great! Hope to see you all soon! Hugs!


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