Day 25



Well today was really laid back.Especially Valero!!(which is good!)I put the saddle on him and he was falling asleep!Even when the girth hit his leg,he didn't flinch!!The next thing we played with was standing(in my words but in other terms ground tying).I could see in his eyes how badly he wanted to follow me,but he stood there no matter how much he wanted to move!I worked with him on his sidepassing and let me tell you...he does not like sidepassing!!He'd rather go forward or backwards!(I am not sure if i'd shared that yet)Oh and i do believe when the time comes Lero will have no trouble in taking a bit...he already opens his mouth when i say "bit" and put my finger in the roof of his mouth!My buby is such a sweetheart and so socialable!!!

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Just a few of my friends blogs...if i forgot anyone it's because i do not know the exact URL.Sorry!!!Turning in for the night!


07/05/2010 21:26

Great job Jessi! As much as I love when horses are great at ground tying, it just tickles me when they have to resist following! :)
Also, thanks for the reference!
Looking forward to the next piece!

Karen and Tripp
07/07/2010 03:50

Hey there, those laid back days are kinda nice, aren't they? I think the horses enjoy it too. Thanks for putting my blog up! :-) I am trying to update my blog page and I will get yours posted on my 'Other Sites' list.
See ya!
Karen and Tripp


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