So you guys know that "newly horse crazy" next door neighbor i went sledding with today?? Well we decided to go visit her horse at the place she boards him at. I bundled up and brought my lunge whip, lunge line and hobbles(she wants to start teaching him how to lay down). We got there and the things i noticed right off was he gets in her space and LOVES to try her!!! She told me his major problems were backing, lunging on the line(pulls too much), just the basic things need touch ups... So i got the pulling while lunging thing under control(he was lunging with slack in his rope by the end of the night) and backed a few nice steps. After further investigation i noticed he loved to throw his head while trotting. I asked her if he always did this. She said," Not this bad" Come to find out when he throws his head she just gets off!!! That was the problem he was trying to get me off! Eventually he learned he wouldn't get me off and we moved onto the canter... She has never cantered on him nor will she ever until the "problem" is fixed. I wondered what problem this was... I found out a little too late! I have never been on a horse bucking SOOOO badly!! I felt like i was on one of those bucking broncos at a rodeo!! I was sooooooo mad at him i smacked him got off and lunged his little butt off!! He was sweating by the time we were done... i handed him to my friend and said i need a break and he needs to be walked out... So that was the end of my crazy night!!First not so easy training experience! But i do have to say I am proud of myself for the immense changes i did see in him that I CHANGED! 


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