Well it was that annual time of the year for the MM&BSC meeting! We arrived at 11 and there was already so many people there! Before the official meeting began we had time to catch up and eat!(Good food BTW!) Karen came up to me and asked me if I liked her shirt! I replied, "YES!" Later on in the meeting she said,"Since you like my shirt so much you can have it!" So she gave it to me! (SHE HAD ANOTHER SHIRT ON UNDERNEATH WHEN SHE TOOK IT OFF!)
    When the official meeting began they started handing out awards,old and new.
*Best Dressed Cowgirl: Angela(my mom)
*Best Dressed Cowboy: Glen
There were 3 new awards, the Dona Brown Living Legend Award,  the Mary Brieck Trail Riding Award,  and the Jimmie Demmitt Youth Award.
The DBLL's went to ...
*Kristi and Randy for their hardships with Elena and Izzy/Sky. They stood by their horses when they were going through some real bad health spots.
*Brenda and Jay for helping Levi(their mustang) regain his sight and have a new lease on life.
 The Mary Brieck Trail Riding Award  was made to honor Mary Brieck who promoted mustangs through trail riding. This award went to...
*None other then April!

April accepting the award from 2 of Mary's friends and her husband.
The Jimmie Dimmitt Award went to ...
*Me!! The award says,"Presented to Jessi in recognition of excellence in promoting America's living legends in 2010."
*And Makinly!
The whole thing was very emotional! My mother typed up a biography on my whole life! I was speechless at first! Thank you everyone!
Me accepting the award from Tina!
Jay and Chris having a discussion!
We all so very much enjoyed this meeting! Looking around while we were in that group picture I just thought how crazy it was that this group started with just Kristi and Randy and progressed into so much! AMAZING!
Pictures courtesy of Dona Brown.
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