My buby accomplished a lot this week!!He is sidepassing off the rail,becoming more used to machines of every kind,and is ponying REAL well!!!Oh and not to mention i put the bit in his mouth for the first time and he had no problem with it!
Working on backing,Day 33
Body shot for EMM,Day 36
Day 36
When i went out today my mom and I decided to play with went amazing till the end when Kahlua got sick of Lero,bit him,and TOOK off...I was not expecting this because i was sitting sidesaddle and i fell off Kahlua!Luckily i landed on my butt!Plus i was wearing a helmet!Anyways Kahlua could tell i was mad when i walked up to her and had as our friend Karen says "We had a come to Jesus moment!"haha.As punishment for biting Lero and taking off i cooled Lero and Luie off together.I am going back out later when it is cooler!Its 96 degrees outside right now!!!
Karen and Tripp
7/24/2010 07:56:15 am

AMEN SISTER!!!!!! Ha ha! I love your punishment for Kahlua. Making her cool off with Valero! HA HA HA!!!! That is too awesome!


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