Saturday we didn't do much i just did a big review of everything i taught Lero...Today I decided to work on trailer loading with him...once Lero saw how excited i got when on his first try he put one foot in,he got all the way in!!!!!I am now to the point with him where i point to the trailer and he will get in!!!!I also worked on sidepassing with him;he sidepassed a few times!He did so good i put him back in the pen.My picture uploader isn't working!!!Darn!!!Pics are gonna be up as soon as the uploader works!Sorry!


06/21/2010 11:17

Jessi what an awesome job you are doing, Lero is coming along great. And he looks awesome and looks like he will be a bit taller than Lulu :). Great jog girl Woot Woot. Ya making me want to work harder.


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