Day 78



Valero and I have just spent time improving everything we have set out to do.And i am imensely proud of some things he accomplished today!!!We got him to stand still while the tractor was going around him,worked on sidepassing,and he experienced his first human made fire(i think,depending on if a fire happened in the wild.)He was amazingly good with all those!He also went on his first trailride today!!!He did good except when i first asked him to trot to keep up with the horses in front of us he tried biting Lua because she wasn't going fast enough!haha!I repremanded him but later Kahlua tried kicking him but was not sucessfull.That ended very quickly and he crossed through water(even played in it) and i made him fall back when being ponied through VERY tight spaces.So over all he did GREAT!(I know i say this alot! But i am just so proud of him!)
Crossing water.
The group.
My dogs on the trail!!


08/30/2010 05:37

super job!!!lero has a great start and is going to have a great life,he is sooooo lucky to have you as his trainer! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

Karen and Tripp
08/31/2010 03:18

Jessi, you guys are doing fantastic! A trail ride...too cool! Valero is such a handsome boy, and Kahlua is a good girl for letting him know what is and is not acceptable. :-) Well, now that she isn't trying to eat him! Ha ha!
Keep up the good work! See you soon!


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