Day 66



Well today was one of the nicest days of the summer Temp. wise but wasn't a good day with Lero...I went up to start working with him and noticed his frog was bleeding...i imediately called mom,who called the farrier.He was going to come out this afternoon unless the bleeding stopped because he was not feeling too well.I could not work him because my mom did not want to risk hurting him any further...When my mom got home she told me to wash his hoof out with hydrogen peroxide and then soak his foot in warm water/epsom salt/iodine.In order to keep his foot in the bucket i had to stroak his i pulled up a chair and stroaked his leg for 20 minutes while he ate his grain...Update on his hoof tomorrow because the farrier is coming out early...Schools starting soon so Lero and I have to adjust to a new schedule.    :(


08/19/2010 09:00

Ah, Jessi, sorry to hear about the injury. Good think you have vet mom to assess the situation!! We will be anxious to hear what the problem is and cross our fingers that it heals quickly. He is an awesome horse!!!! You are doing great things with him. Loved all your pictures of his first show. You go cowgirl!!!! Dona

Lori (neighbor)
08/25/2010 13:58

What can I say but WOW! I am so impressed and proud of you!!!! You are an amazing lil' cowgirl!!!!!!!!! I'm anxious to see what you post next...keep 'em coming! Just keep soaking up what your Mom & trainers tell you and you're going to be showing-up all them snotty jerks at the horse shows! HA


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