Day 58



WOW i can't believe we are now past the halfway point in the competition!!!!Valero,Kahlua and i went to Lero's 1st horse show!!!!We were surprised by our friends Karen and Boom!!!That was probably my most favorite part of the night!At first Lero was fine but then i walked him down by the arena and once we couldn't see the trailer he had a few freakout moments.(which was expected since it was his first time in all the commotion of a show...)I decided to walk him around the arena to get him used to it before classes started and when we were walking out of the arena his foot hit the "very scary looking" trash can ...he kicked both feet and knocked the can down.Then i heard all sorts of comments from,"You need to teach that horse some manners!!"to"He needs a good whipping!"I was at the point of crying because to have someone tell you that after working hard with him for a month really hurt.But as the night went on Valero was yawning and almost falling asleep!Those people were eatting their words!!!!I was proud of him!(We didn't enter him in a class though)Kahlua did amazing tonight!!I was soo proud of her!There was some stiff competition!!!!We took "Walk,Trot,Lope.Western Pleasure","Open Ranch",and a fun class called"Race With Hats"(Had to move a hat from one pole to another. )We originally got 2nd in the 1st class but there was a messup in the placings and we got 3rd out of 9.The 2nd class we didn't place because there were 14 other competitors.And our fun class well by then Kahlua was drained from being ridden by 2 girls(it was karli's first horseshow and kar did great)When i got in there i was ready and i said"GO!!!!"To Kahlua.She Veered to the gate but i made her do it!I think some people were surprised that the little lazy mare had a lil get-up-and-go in her!!!!We got 3rd ,packed up and went home!!!Pictures later!!!Can't find my uploader!!!


08/08/2010 15:44

Hey Jessie, way to go!! You are SO awesome with your horses, and next time something happens and people start in on you haul off on the object, like "bad trash can, scat" then smile and walk away. People will just think you're bezerk, which is fine because they are mean!

Karen and Tripp
08/08/2010 16:20

Jessi, I am so sorry people had to mouth off! That is one of the things I detest about horse shows....every one else is perfect. Sorry we all can't have or DO NOT WANT a professional trainer so our horses have 'manners'. Lero did not do anything else that a couple other horses were doing when we first got there. They have to learn somehow. I think you all did fantastic for a first time in that kind of atmosphere! Hugs to you all!!!!Wish I could have stayed for the games - I would have cheered loud in the ears of the mouthy ones! Hee hee!

Stephanie Linsley
08/09/2010 11:44

Jessi, great job with your horses! Just ignore what some people say. It's rediculous. As if they know the situation or the horse any better than you do! Just keep up the good work and let people talk. Just show em the real Valero in September! He's so great because of the amazing job you're doing with him! And who cares if he was nervous at the show? It was all about the exposure so he won't be scared in the future! Ask those people how many of them trained their horses. And how many of them remember the first ever show their horse went to? Bah. Like I said, just keep up the GREAT work and let people talk as they wish. They won't be judging you in September. People who actually know what's going on will be!
<3 Steph and Ren


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