Day 47



This morning i went to a vaulting lesson and by the time it came for Valero's respect lesson i was wiped out!!!(It was my first time back to vaulting in 2 months due to a leg injury)My teacher told me Valero does not respect my space which i knew but who can resist this cute lil face???? :D
He did great when it was all done and he was respecting my space very nicely!!Not to mention it was his first time away from home!He was calm as a cucumber!I told my mom though that after all this of me pushing him away he is gonna think i don't like him! :( But she told me ,"No he will respect you!"
My teacher showing me what to do to keep make him keep his space...


07/27/2010 19:13

Jess, hang in there.....Peggy knows her stuff...hang in there and absorb all she can teach you and Valero....Luv u and Lero!

Karen and Tripp
07/28/2010 09:11

Oh girl, I need to go visit Peggy with Boom! I am with you on the 'respect' thing and my space thing! Just last night I was telling Brian I need to figure out how to get him out of my space because he is like a puppy who was raised in my lap....and has grown up and still wants in my lap. You guys are doing great and how cool that Peggy could help you with that! Tell Valero great job away from home. He will always love you, and even better he will love AND respect you. :-) Hugs!


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