This is a big mumbo-jumbo of day 23 and 24! Day 23:  I had to work for Venture crew from 10 to 3 and then Lero and I worked on EVERYTHING!(everything aside from trailer loading because it wasn't backed up to the trailer)we worked on picking up his feet(I think he just sees me as an annoyance now sometimes),lunging,steping in wierd places,sidepassing,throwing stuff on him(Ball,hula hoop,tarp)and my mom and myself played soccer with Valero and Cordero!It was great!I think we won by far!
Day 24: Valero and I decided to work on some new stuff today!!! I tied him for a while,we explored down by the house,and I threw the western saddle on him for the first time!(we also loaded in the trailer without hesitation!)Valero stood still and didn't freak out. But when i started lunging him he kept trying to stop at the gate!(i do not want a gate sour horse!!!)So i rkept lunging him until he passed by without hesitation!He was REAL sweaty!So as a reward i sprayed him off and put him away!Overall it was a great day!


07/05/2010 21:27

Love the pictures! Keep it up! :)


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