Today was wonderful! I went out and worked with Lua on side passing! Lesson #2 on side passing and Lua is already side passing almost as good as lero is right now!Lua is also picking up showmanship well! Lunging is coming along ok. Which i can expect because i have never really lunged her on a line, only free lunge. Kahlua needs to learn to give to the rope while cantering and work on responding to voice commands .She is giving to it at walk and trot we just need to work on canter.  By the end of her lesson not only was she sweating but she was licking/chewing and doing very well with everything!

My mom came up later to work with Cord and she lunged him to a dripping sweat! The reason for this was 1 because he's not in the best shape(better then Kahlua though!) and 2 because it was time for us to start up his training for a rider again... that rider for the training is me.  :D haha! Yeah, we are going to put the bumpers on him so next time when i actually sit in a saddle on him he won't freak out if i bump him with my legs.

Valero was an angel tonight!!! I need to figure out more things to teach that boy because right now its always a big review! He side passed, set up, pivoted, lunged real well with change in direction, and layed down the first time i asked! I am so proud of all my horses and i enjoyed spending so much time with all my horses !

Oh and P.S. Valero found a friend!

Val and Lero!
Grooming a new friend!
Lero during fall!


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