Lindley, my mom, grandma and i arrived in Indianapolis around 11 pm eastern time. Lindley and I weren't really tired so we went to the hotel lobby to use their PC.Lindley was bored so she went to talk to the hotel manager for fun. "Hi I am Lindley! What's your name?, how was your day? Did seeing me make it better?" He replied ," Adam, stressful and of course." I told Lindley, "Lindley it's Adam's job to say that he is the manager!" Hearing this she took a pad of paper while Adam was in the back office and wrote, "Adam thanks for being my new friend! -Lindley- P.S.Keep this because one day i will be famous!" haha! When Lindley and I were back in the room my mom needed the hotel's password for the laptops. Lindley called the front desk, "Adam It's Lindley!!!" "Who?" "Lindley, your new friend!!" haha Lindley is hilarious!

Saturday the clinic started!My arms were aching by the end of the day! I have never lifted that many people in my life(I am mostly the base). The clinic helped improve my stamina , helped with my mounts, taught me how to walk on stilts, and gave me tons of new moves to think about!

Sunday was competition day! Because i was not around when they grouped everyone into groups of three i got put into a group with 1 other person...(This person was very new to vaulting and was still not sure of themself on the barrel and on the horse. )We got Jen to help us in the routine since it required 3 people but at the end of the day Jen wasn't feeling well and my original partner did not feel comfortable doing the routine, so i got paired with another group that lost a member because she had previous plans. Turns out we got Grand Champion for our freestyle!! My freestyle got 5th and I got Grand Champion(for combined attitude, effort and scores) and I got Reserve Highpoint (For scores) ! So overall it was an amazing first and got me feeling a lot more confident in vaulting! I can't wait to do another clinic!

Oh and P.S. The German instructor putting on the clinic talked to my mom about this foreign exchange vaulting program thing i might possibly be able to do! A german girl my age at my skill level will come here to the states and vault with my coach(Jen) and I 3 times a week for 3 weeks and vice versa! Isn't that cool! I am sooo psyched to do it! I just need to learn German so i can understand them! :D