I forgot to post about the adoption my mom,me,and our two mustangs went too. Here are some photos of the mustangs.It was REALLY icky that weekend!The bright side was they had it inside.I convinced some people to adopt this guy!You could touch him everywhere and he is a wild mustang!

Although it is not a good pic the lake was there broadcasting live and someone who got interviewed brought her mustang up too! :)


   Okay so today i go out to play with my mustangs and i see my Mom's mustang laying down.So i went over to lay on him and he is only like 1 and a 1/2 years old.
Well i took a video of me laying on him (I can't download any pictures or videos off my phone cause i do not know how, but i am trying!)After he gets up i have the brilliant idea to pull his leg back (without one of those leg ropes!)and hope he lays down.He didn't ,but he kneeled!My mom was sooo sad she did not get to see her "baby" kneel for the first time! Cross your fingers and hope we will be able to lay him down before he is too big of a lug to  Let us lay him down!

Here is a picture when we first got him! He was a scruffy little thing!